Reflections on 2010 – Our most exciting moments!

16 Dec

As we round up for 2010, I can remember how we spent days, weeks, meetings upon meetings planning for the year. As we round up the year, I want us to share the most striking moments/events/shifts that we experienced during the year. It does not have to be all sweet stories, you can also share most of the most difficult moments.



2 Responses to “Reflections on 2010 – Our most exciting moments!”

  1. Helen January 11, 2011 at 12:58 pm #

    Through out 2010, I was involved in so many activities, in different places. I remember many of the people I came across and many of the events with fondness in my heart. One that I will always remember that also gives me some sense of satisfaction, is the Peace Expo Isis-WICCE organized in Soroti in commemoration of 10 years of 1325. During that event, I saw, I felt and engaged with women who have been empowered beyond measures. Many sessions were held during the event; peace march, debates, panels, dance, drama, music, exhibitions and medical camps.
    The medical camp entailed medical professionals to talk to women about reproductive health and cancer. After the presentations on Cancer; we had a follow up session on questions and answers. A youngish woman came up to ask a question that goes: ‘am a young woman as you look at me, but every year I produce (meaning give birth) I thought I should do something before I die, so I decided I will go for family planning. I discussed this with my family members; they all discouraged me from using family planning methods, as it has the potential of causing cancer. My question is does family planning methods cause to cancer?’. Some how this question caused so much amusement as participants laughed and screamed, my happiness was that this woman did not hear the laughter’s, if she heard, it did not bother her, as she continued, which forced people to listen.
    Yes people might have laughed, they might have been shocked that a woman ‘produces’ every year, but this woman knows what she feels producing every year. This woman can not negotiate when to have babies, but she knows that she can do something to help herself. This for me is empowerment. Empowerment in this case can be defined as the ability to take action to address a particular situation that can lead to improved life, such as healthy life. The forum provided the opportunity, and she was not going to feel embarrassed and not ask her question. Yes many could have laughed, but am sure more than half of the women who were present at that event, are struggling with different aspects of their reproductive health. I will never forget this woman……………………
    My most challenging moment was when I travelled to Columbia with a colleague. We spent six days travelling, three days going and three days coming back. We spent so many hours waiting for flights, 11 hours, goodness…! it was horrible. We read, we slept, we window shopped, anything you can think about. We came back exhausted!!!! However, we found the event we attended fruitful and worth the travel, we kept saying to each other ‘Isis-WICCE, linking women internationally’

    • Loyce January 11, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

      2010 was a wonderful year, full of so many learnings, exposure and challenging situations. I was mainly involved in oversseeing the pproject on advancing the rights and basic needs of women leaders and women living with HIV & AIDs in Kitgum and Bugiri. This involved trainings and field visits in the two districts. I was exposed to the realities of rural and poor women living with the Virus, their struggles and resilence amidst the hardship they expereince on a daily basis.

      The exciting and fullfilling moments on this project is that it did not only open women’s eyes on issues of women’s rights and the law but also the communities were these women live . It is amazing how these women went from village to village sensitising people about human rights,women’s rights, childrens’s rights and the constitition of the republic of Uganda.

      As if that isnt enough, the women mediated and successfully settled disputes in their communities.They mediated in domestic violence cases, child abuse and property grabbing.

      To sum up all, this project was “Activism at its Best!!”
      For now I will not mention VAW and ICT training I had with the women. Click on this link to read about it

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